Talamh Smart Agriculture Awards 2018

The organisers of the Talamh Smart Agriculture Awards have commissioned the prestigious Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s Jewellery and Goldsmithing Course to design and create the series of awards to be presented to the winners of the nine categories.

The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s (DCCoI) two-year Jewellery & Goldsmithing Skills & Design Course has an international reputation through intense practical skills delivery, and contemporary and innovative jewellery design. The context of this programme is at the top end of the market for well designed and finely manufactured jewellery and related product made from precious metals and gemstones. An appropriate range and level of knowledge, skills and competencies enables our students to achieve quality of design and manufacture and stimulates creativity and vitality in the industry.

Left: Faberge Style Egg by Lina Siaudyvtyte 2017

This course began in 1993 and is located at the Design and Crafts Council of Irelands headquarters in Kilkenny and has been accredited by National University of Ireland Maynooth since 2011. Specialist subjects such as engraving, enamelling, gemmology, stone setting and silversmithing are taught by tutors who are trained experts from within the jewellery industry in Ireland and abroad. The unique aspect of the course is the development of skills in areas that have significant practical application to the Jewellery industry. Students learn to develop and combine processes to create intricate pieces of work using advanced fine jewellery techniques. Design development is an important and integral element of project work encouraging individuality in ideas and design. Introduction to new technologies in jewellery production are facilitated by expert goldsmiths utilising these techniques within their own practice.

Right: Vessel by Eimear Conyard 2018