Prof. Edmond Harty



Professor Edmond Harty is CEO of Dairymaster, one of the leading dairy innovation and technology companies in the world.  Innovation in agriculture is his passion in life and he has dedicated his career to making dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.

While completing his PhD in University College Dublin he developed a new method for the evaluation of milking units by measuring performance under flow conditions. This research has resulted in the test methods being adopted into the international standards for performance measurement of machine milking and Dairymaster leads the way in these performance measurements.

Professor Harty’s concentration is always on future possibilities, scientifically developed and proven. The level of patent applications (over 90 so far) speaks to his commitment to innovation.

Dairymaster has been awarded several Innovation Awards across the globe for their ground-breaking products while the personal accolades Professor Harty has received include Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year; the Parsons Medal by Irish Academy of Engineering; Adjunct Full Professor in the School of Biosystems and Food Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD) College of Engineering and Architecture; an Alumni Award for engineering and architecture from UCD; and many more.